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Dell Mansker - Men's Director

Dell was born and raised around Coffeyville, Kansas and is a graduate of Field Kindley Memorial High School. A U.S. Air Force veteran during the end of the Vietnam conflict, he was lucky enough to be stationed in Ankara, Turkey with its Roman and Greek ruins.


Speaking of his religious upbringing Dell said, “Mom took us kids around to different churches. I guess she was looking for something, but we did see what goes on in other churches. We went to the Southern Baptists, Methodists and the Church of Christ; finally settling on the Christian Science Church because my grandmother was a member.”


“Coming to Valley Christian Center has open my eyes and my heart to the blessings God bestows and has lit a fire in me to know more of God's Word. This passion has translated into wanting to help others find God in their own heart and to understand God's purpose for His people.”

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